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The New Orleans Architecture Foundation (NOAF) offers the custom Poydras Street Architectural Walking Tour as its latest offering of quality education programming focused on the rich architecture of New Orleans. The walking tour explores the early development and growth of what has become the heart of the Central Business District (CBD): the Poydras Street corridor. Looking into the past and present-day conditions of this illustrious, if under-explored, segment of the City’s rich urban and architectural tapestry, we will discuss the architecture, the economy that drove their development, and how these buildings and spaces have shaped and influenced the ongoing development of Poydras Street and the CBD as a whole.



NOAF proudly partners with New Orleans Architecture Tours to promote the highest quality architectural tours offered in the city. We both share the same mission of educating the public about New Orleans architecture and we both strive for the highest quality educational opportunities. Whether you are visiting or are a born and raised New Orleanian, we hope you enjoy the unmatched tours of our friends at New Orleans Architecture Tours, offering tours of the French Quarter, Garden District and Irish Channel. Make sure to tell them we sent you!

French Quarter

The French Quarter is known as the Vieux Carré, the “Old Square”. This is the original site of the founding of the City of New Orleans in 1718. Architecture in this area has Creole features, but much of the original French Colonial buildings were destroyed in the Great Fire of 1788.  Take this tour to find out how the history and people influenced the buildings in this neighborhood.



The Garden District was originally part of the independent city of Lafayette, established in the 1830s as a home to wealthy Americans. Here one can find homes in many styles ranging from palatial Greek Revival mansions to tiny narrow shotgun houses.



The City of Lafayette was established as a separate city from New Orleans in 1833.It was annexed into New Orleans in 1852. Today this area is made up of the Garden District and the Irish Channel. On this tour, visitors can see the wide differences between the dwellings of the rich and the simple shotgun homes that were occupied by a mainly first generation immigrant population of the antebellum period.