Board of Directors

paula peer, AIA
Board chair

“The NOAF is here to educate the community about how the infusion of new modern architecture, sustainable design practices, and innovative urban planning strategies can redefine New Orleans as a more progressive city without losing its historic character and authenticity.”

VICE Chair- Education

"NOAF must lead in the effort to enhance and preserve the unique architectural fabric we call home."


nick marshall, AIA
Vice chair- Development

"New Orleans possesses an architectural texture that few American cities can claim. Joining the NOAF is a way to celebrate and support this texture and to gain a deeper understanding of how architects make places within this invaluable context."


"I support NOAF because Architecture is quintessential New Orleans as jazz and jambalaya.."


Sarah Busch, LEED AP BD&C

"The built environment of New Orleans reflects a convergence of architects, engineers, contractors and builders, artists and enthusiasts. NOAF strives to preserve, celebrate and honor all of these voices with its mission of engagement."


Shannon french, AIA

“I believe it is vital for New Orleans to have an organization that can engage the public and highlight the importance of architecture in our daily lives, our society, and our history. NOAF promotes our city’s cultural heritage and architectural legacy.”


mary gilmore, AIA


Beth jacob, aia

"Buildings tell the stories of the people, events, and issues that have shaped our city. I am proud to be involved with the NOAF, which encourages the public to discover the places and spaces—both old and new—that make New Orleans unique."



"The architectural aesthetics of New Orleans speak loudly or in a whisper, but either way it draws us in. NOAF believes in power of design to celebrate, empower and dignify how the people of New Orleans make place."


Brad McWhirter, AIA

"New Orleans’ architecture provides a framework for our rich landscape, community, and culture; but it is the people that make us who we are. NOAF strives to educate the people of New Orleans about authentic, responsible design."



"New Orleans has a proud history of beautiful architecture that is indigenous to our culture, community, and geography. This is as true in the 21st century as it has ever been at any moment in our past. I support NOAF's mission to help spread that message. "


Jason Richards, AIA

"Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, which means 90% of your life is spent inside of someone's design. Architecture's potential to increase quality of life is tremendous."


shelby russ

"Our Architecture, along with our people, our music and our cuisine is one of the main ingredients that makes the “gumbo” of New Orleans so savory!"


charlotte A. throop, aia

"Architecture, at its best, elevates the quality of life and inspires. NOAF celebrates design by recognizing the places, place-makers and architecture of this great city."


Jessica Walker, AIA

"NOAF is an important public outreach organization to educate the global community on the significance of New Orleans Architecture from all eras – from historic preservation up to contemporary buildings and how they fit into the context of our city."

NOAF + AIA New orleans STAFF


Joel PominvillE
Executive Director

"New Orleans is not New Orleans without its architecture. NOAF provides locals and visitors a chance to truly experience and understand architecture."

2017 Board of Directors
Chair: Paula Peer, Vice Chair: Harvey Burns
Secretary: Tracy Lea, Treasurer: Shannon French
Directors: Mark Baum, Mary Gilmore, Marlin Landry, Nick Marshall, Angela Morton,
Shelby Russ, Eliana Thompson Becnel, Charlotte Throop
Emeritus Board Members: Michael Bell, Creed Brierre, Jesse Cannon, Brett Petry

2016 Board of Directors
Chair: Brett Petry
Secretary: Michael Bell, Treasurer: Paula Peer
Directors: Jesse Cannon