Our Mission

The New Orleans Architecture Foundation is dedicated to enhancing public appreciation of architecture and design through advocacy and education.

Expanded Programming

Through its programming, NOAF continues to expand opportunities for the public to engage in architecture related programming activities and educational experiences.

Engagement of Our Community

NOAF serves as the keystone organization in New Orleans dedicated to enhancing public appreciation and understanding of architecture, with a focus on modern and contemporary design.

I chose to support New Orleans Architecture Foundation because I am enthusiastic about the diverse architecture in our city and the professionals behind it. My gift supports retiring the debt on the AIA Center for Design because I feel strongly that providing a space for people to participate in programming and educational opportunities is critical to advancing the mission of NOAF and enhancing the public’s appreciation of architecture and design as vital community assets that enrich the quality of life in New Orleans.
— Henry Shane - Architect, Real Estate Developer and Founder of 1st Lake Properties

What We've Achieved

  • 16 building and walking tours and 14 monthly keynotes with over 900 attendees
  • Two Annual Fall Home Tours, each with over 300 attendees
  • Two Annual Keynotes and Receptions, each with over 90 attendees
  • Doubled our Board membership to include more public seats
  • Partnered with the Preservation Resource Center and DOCOMOMO/NOLA on the first ever MidMod NOLA Summer Series
  • Partnered with New Orleans Architecture Tours to offer the city's best architecture tours

I like the way architects think. I like the way we look at the world, the way our profession becomes our lifestyle – or our lifestyle becomes our profession. We attempt to quantify and exemplify the highest of goals, aspirations and dreams through our planning and physical environments. NOAF helps us share these meaningful qualities with others.
— Dodie Smith, AIA - Architect and Founder of C. Spencer Smith, LLC
In New Orleans we are blessed with an abundance of historical influences; political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural. The many impacts and issues emerging out of these histories are expressed in the unique architecture of our city. While other communities are marked by recent or new construction of limited merit, our neighborhoods are distinguished by an extraordinary range of types and styles: shotgun and double shotgun, center and side hall, camelback, Creole cottage and more. Our challenge is to grow and improve our city, mindful of that extraordinary past but with an eye to the future. We recognize and embrace that every era produces its own vocabulary and we support the New Orleans Architecture Foundation in its efforts to protect and honor that rich history while communicating the values we cherish today; human scale and need, timelessness, adaptability, flexibility and sustainability, enriched by a deeply-felt sense of place.
— Trey Trahan, FAIA - Architect and Founder of Trahan Architects
I support NOAF because the Organization sends a meaningful message to the public that informs and educates them about the Architectural treasures, new and old, within their own city and neighborhoods.
— John T. Campo Jr., AIA - Architect and Founder of Campo Architects